Mission Repair quarterly meeting a success! Kind of.

Hello there-

It’s true; I try to keep our employees up to date, connected and on the same page. It’s called MANAGING. Some of you may have heard of it, but I know that others have not.

Every quarter I get the team together and we head to Bass Pro Shops here in Olathe, Kansas and reserve a meeting space. It’s a good time to get away from the hustle of the work environment, and everyone gets a few extra hours on their paycheck AND a good meal!

This time I broke the group into teams, gave them 9 pieces of paper, and told them to work together to make a tower that stood on it’s own, with only the 9 pieces of copy paper and some scotch tape. The key was that the tower had to be at least 40 inches tall. Ready, set, go!


I’m there in the background because my Colorado crew was joining in with us on Facetime, so I was showing them what others were doing via my iPhone…but it was fruitless. Those guys in Lakewood, CO killed it and came up with the best tower of all.

In the foreground of this picture was Jake (backward hat) who failed miserably as a team leader 😉 I’ll just keep him to fixing devices, not building paper towers.

Before the meeting I built an example of what it could look like back in the office just in case no one could get it:


These times are all about fun and business, and we got a lot done that night.

The new training schedule was announced for our employees, so soon when you call in you may hear some “refinement” from our newer employees…that’s a great thing!

I’m always looking for new group team building activities, have any ideas?

Take care, Ryan

I look up to our forefathers.

Hello there-

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of visiting Mt. Rushmore. It wasn’t the first time I was there, but this time I spent a lot of time enjoying the scenery, the history and the reason behind the monument.

I also took the hike to the bottom of the mountain and snapped this picture looking up at the granite 4-some. It’s awe inspiring and hard to believe that artist Gutzon Borglum dedicated his life to the project and started it on his own.


Yes, he had some help and the project was finished in 1941 and is now open year round for visitation.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln all sit stoically for the ages. Did you know that this was almost a sculpture of Lewis and Clark? I didn’t until my last visit. I highly recommend it!

While there, I made friends with a German fellow that was also impressed by the monument. I said something to the effect of “This is a fantastic piece of American history, isn’t it” He replied by inviting me to visit Germany to see some “real” history. OK, Ok, I’m sure there are some amazing things to see abroad, but this sculpture is something that everyone should see. I mean it.

Have a great day…I know that a lot of Americans are on vacation right now; I hope your travels take you to amazing places.