There are dinosaurs everywhere.

Hello friends,

Are you ready to visit the movie theater to see the newest Jurassic World movie? Have you seen it already? This is a personal blog post because the “dinosaur” movement is all around us. I just saw another commercial on Mission Repair television set in the lobby which set me up to write about this. I don’t typically post my vacation pictures, but this is somewhat relevant 😉

Last week while I was out visiting my Lakewood location, we took a drive out to Vernal, UT to see “Dinosaur National Monument”. This place is amazing and really blows my mind when it comes to scale of time the Earth has been around and is a real eye opener when it comes to how the creatures of the planet have evolved.

I’m kind of a dinosaur lover – it’s the “kid type” fantasy about what they could have looked like, how they lived, and what it was like millions of years before humans came into the picture.


I think the dino is better looking than me, even in fossil form 😉

While at the monument, I knelt down next to this 150 million year old skull; this is one of my favorites: The Allosaurus. After spending a few hours immersing ourselves in dinosaur history, it was a nice break from from “today’s” stresses; because when I was walking with dinosaurs I lost myself in the jungle.

It’s probably time for me to head to the movies soon. Dandra wants to do a Jurassic Park marathon before we see Jurassic World, so it sounds like I’ll be staying with the dinos a bit longer this weekend.

Have a great day, Ryan

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