There are dinosaurs everywhere.

Hello friends,

Are you ready to visit the movie theater to see the newest Jurassic World movie? Have you seen it already? This is a personal blog post because the “dinosaur” movement is all around us. I just saw another commercial on Mission Repair television set in the lobby which set me up to write about this. I don’t typically post my vacation pictures, but this is somewhat relevant 😉

Last week while I was out visiting my Lakewood location, we took a drive out to Vernal, UT to see “Dinosaur National Monument”. This place is amazing and really blows my mind when it comes to scale of time the Earth has been around and is a real eye opener when it comes to how the creatures of the planet have evolved.

I’m kind of a dinosaur lover – it’s the “kid type” fantasy about what they could have looked like, how they lived, and what it was like millions of years before humans came into the picture.


I think the dino is better looking than me, even in fossil form 😉

While at the monument, I knelt down next to this 150 million year old skull; this is one of my favorites: The Allosaurus. After spending a few hours immersing ourselves in dinosaur history, it was a nice break from from “today’s” stresses; because when I was walking with dinosaurs I lost myself in the jungle.

It’s probably time for me to head to the movies soon. Dandra wants to do a Jurassic Park marathon before we see Jurassic World, so it sounds like I’ll be staying with the dinos a bit longer this weekend.

Have a great day, Ryan

Yes, we ship to every location in the USA, let’s discuss the best deal.

Hello folks,

We ship using FedEx, UPS and USPS, and with thousands of shipments per month, we try our hardest to make sure that our customers get the best possible prices when shipping broken electronics in and out of one of our locations. We automatically route packages incoming to us to the location closest to you.

There’s a little known “trick” to help keep shipping costs down, let’s discuss. Here’s a screenshot from our checkout page:

Mission repair checkout page.

The big shipping carriers (i.e. FedEx) charge a bit more to deliver packages to your home. Yes, the majority of our repairs are sent directly back to our customer residences…but if you have your device sent back to your business address – many companies will allow their employees to do so – you will save up to $6 on one way of shipping!

The thought behind this is that carriers know that customers are not always home, therefore they will need to come back to reattempt delivery which costs time and money. Businesses however are typically open “during normal business hours” during the day, and the driver will only have to stop once and make the delivery and have someone sign for it.

That’s another small tidbit, you don’t need to add or pay for a signature request if your delivery is to a business; the big carriers already require a signature for security when packages are delivered to a business, so that’s just another item that you won’t need to pay for!

This entire scenario is NOT special to Mission Repair, however many of our customers don’t fully understand the shipping rules posed by the carriers, so I hope this helps you out.

Postal deliveries are a bit different. The United States Post Office (USPS) handles deliveries in a slightly different way, we can discuss that later.

Happy shipping, Ryan

Huge price decrease on iPhone 6 Plus screen repairs announced!

Hello friends of electronics!

Mission Repair has been handling the iPhone 6 Plus repair since its release, and we are happy to announce a price decrease on the iPhone 6 Plus screen repair (white or black) today.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.32.19 AM

The 5.5 inch screen is a huge leap forward for Apple, moving its iPhone range into the uncharted waters of the phablet market currently dominated by Samsung and other Android devices.

Apple has reached a previously untapped audience of smartphone users – those who demand a large screen, with ‘productivity’ the main buzzword being thrown around.

In terms of specs and design there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 – apart from the obvious size which initially led to a big difference in price for repair; but today we have closed the gap and are happy to pass the savings onto our customers.

Click here to get a repair started:

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair (WHITE)
iPhone 6 Plus Screen Repair (BLACK)
Other iPhone 6 Plus Repairs

Have a great day, take care, Ryan