Your Mission, should you choose to accept it…

Hello everyone, I headed to lunch today and as I was walking through the parking lot I snapped this pic:


I thought “Hey, My Mission. That’s my baby, Mission Repair“. However no, that is NOT my pink Cadillac 😉

It’s true. Since 1994 after I started my passion for servicing small electronics, computers and gadgets, it’s all culminated to this business, Mission Repair. I know now that my Mission at this point in my life revolves around my business and I’m happy to share my experiences with you here in this blog;

I figure that I must annoy some, seem irrelevant to others, but consistently receive emails from customers that read this very page asking for advice, needing help with computer problems, or just to simply share their experiences with me while performing their own repairs. I even receive emails and messages from competitors which are entertaining to me and fun to reply.

Thanks for your business, allowing me to continue on with my Mission, and to make the best service and repair company possible. Without you, our customer, it wouldn’t be possible.

In fact we will be replying to your requests for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Repair and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Repairs shortly. It’s why we’re here, and we’re happy to add them to our repair lineup!

Take care, Ryan