iPad Air 2 repairs now available!

Hello folks,

We’ve got new parts in stock for the iPad Air 2 screen services that we’ve begun to offer;

These units have a fused glass, digitizer and LCD assembly, so if you break one, you’re going to get the other. This is unlike some of the other iPad models that we can simply replace the “glass only”.

ipad air 2 repair

I don’t own one of these devices, but I’ve seen quite a few of them and they are starting to tempt me. Its thin frame helps keep the marquee tablet looking sleek and exciting, and the extra burst of performance ensures that it stays among the most powerful tablets on the market for the next year. I’ve heard that it could use a little help with battery life compared to the original Air, but it’s still an improvement over the iPad fourth-gen and older.

We’ve already had many customers need their glass replaced, and a new screen repair at Mission Repair does the trick.

Questions? Give us a call at 913-948-6992.

Take care, Ryan

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