Kansas City Royals Game tonight? Sounds great!

Hello friends,

We’re off to a good start here at Mission Repair this morning, and we’re getting in sync with our repairs; we are off to an excellent start in May, and with just a few days into the month it’s looking like it’ll be the best May in 8 years.  We’ll see how it goes.  May is “Graduation Month”, and my son Casey is included in that group.  He graduates from High School and he’s off to college at the end of the summer – last night we tried on his cap and gown and we both had a good laugh at the “cap”.  Have you ever really looked at it?  It’s actually a hilarious piece of clothing, or maybe it just looked hilarious on top of his head.  Good thing it’s not on for long!

Before all of that madness, I’m taking tonight off to go catch my first Royals game of the year.  Normally I’ll see a few games (of course last year was a lot of fun for us here in Kansas City) but truthfully I’m looking forward to a couple hot dogs and cold drinks and just turning off my iPhone and watching some baseball.  Tidbit:  I coached little league for 7 years, I still have a little baseball in my blood.  Casey was my first baseman!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.50.05 AMSo if you’re in Kansas City and are going to the game, say hello if you see me.  I’ll be the guy in the blue shirt, upper deck 😉  I’ve been to a number of games in the suites, but lately it’s a lot of fun to get the “cheap seats” and move around the stadium to visit a few bars and restaurants.  It’s a WHOLE LOT cheaper and surprisingly entertaining!

Well, I’m back at it here at the office.  In fact, I’ll be bouncing around the neighborhood as I have a few off-site meetings and I’m going to be visiting my Mission location as well today.

Have a great afternoon!  Ryan

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