Time to do some good again…

Happy Friday friends,

I’m gearing up for the PurpleStride 5K taking place tomorrow, Saturday, May 2nd which support the fight against pancreatic cancer. I’m part of a running team – “The Lakers” – not because of the professional basketball team, but because we all love the lake.  Speaking of the lake, I think it’s time to get the ski boat out of storage and into the water…but that’s another blog altogether 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.11.07 AMWe are hoping to get an even bigger group than last year to run / walk in memory of several friends and family members, including my father Gary Arter that passed away a few years ago from this terminal disease.

So I’m here at Panera Bread this morning catching up on a few Mission Repair blogs and emails…there are times that working “out of the office” is good for me.  Oh yeah, and I can finish up my “training” for the 5K by having a bagel and cream cheese.  Ok, so I’m cheating a bit with my diet today, but from experience:  you’ve got to do what keeps you happy.  Right now, it’s a bagel and cream cheese for me 😉

Have a great day everyone, Ryan

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