I’m participating in the Garmin Marathon tomorrow.

Hello there, that title is a bit misleading because I’m not actually going to RUN in it; I’m a volunteer. My marathon running days are “postponed” for a while while I enjoy my early 40’s eating steaks and burgers. I made a promise to myself that I’d get back into shape when I turn 45; so for now, I’m happy to volunteer when I can.

I am part of our Olathe CERT team here in Kansas, and this year Garmin has asked our team to help manage stations around the city.

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.24.05 PM

Races will start and finish at Garmin Headquarters at the corner of 151st and Ridgeview St. in Olathe, Kansas. Address is 1200 E. 151st Street, Olathe, Kansas 66062. Or if you have a Garmin navigation device, simply look for Garmin in your “Favorites” and follow the directions to find your way here.

So tomorrow at 5:30am I’ll be getting on my gear and heading in for our morning briefing. I’m just writing this blog to let you know that if you see me on the side of the road and you recognize me, please say “hi”. I’ll be available to administer first aid and assist in any way that I can for anyone that needs it. But I won’t have any water or snacks…those will all be at another station.

Probably a good idea, because in my current state I might eat those snacks 😉 Ah I’m just kidding, I’m not lacking that much will power, but I’m just not in good enough shape to run a marathon at the moment. I’ll be much more valuable as a volunteer.

If you’re running tomorrow, good luck! I’ll see you out there.

Take care, Ryan

Have you heard about Google’s “mobilegeddon” that’s just days away?

Hello friends,

This probably doesn’t apply to many of you, but to those of us that operate businesses with a website, it’s very important! Google is changing their algorithm to look for ‘mobile friendly’ sites.

Starting April 21, that’s all going to change. It’s just 4 days away!


If your site is not mobile friendly, I suggest that you start working on a plan to fix this problem asap or watch your coveted Google rankings diminish.

For years now, mobile usability has been a factor in Google’s search algorithm. Sites that are optimized suitably for use on mobile devices rank higher than their non-optimized counterparts, even on desktop devices. But until now, that ranking factor has been both limited and ambiguous.

Aside from a “mobile-friendly” tag associated with various sites in mobile search results, it hasn’t been entirely clear which factors Google considers when calculating mobile rankings or how many sites (or which ones) are currently affected. Because of this, many business owners have postponed or avoided optimizing their sites for mobile devices and have survived to tell about it – until now.

I feel relieved that MissionRepair.com meets all of the criteria for Mobile Users and Google alike; and we’ve recently seen a 50/50 split of our customers that use our mobile site vs. a desktop version. Clearly the movement to mobile is real!

Well, we can also tell by the fact that we are seeing more mobile phone repairs than ever before, but heck what do I know?!

Thanks everyone, I’ll be back soon, Ryan