A tidbit from the Rocky Mountains via Kansas City.

Hello there- this is a quick blog that has nothing to do with Mission Repair, iPod screen repairs or MacBooks. Every once in a while I like to bring up a personal “favorite” and last night when I opened my last can of “Stokes Green Chile” I snapped this pic and just had to give these guys some props!


When I lived in Loveland, Colorado I got hooked on this stuff – it’s sold in grocery stores in the region. When I say “hooked”, I wasn’t really dependent on it per se!! But I always had a can or two in my pantry to spread over burritos, quesadillas and nachos. My son Casey was about a year old a that point and I almost put it in his baby bottle instead of formula- it’s that good! Ok, I was a single dad, but I never really went that far. He got his formula 😉

In recent years Stokes has made their sauces available online! After I moved to Kansas I went for about 5 years until I made this discovery and my life has been whole ever since!

If you’re inclined, give it a try. It’s a flavor booster that is undeniable, and tell them that Ryan sent ya!

OK, all this talk about food is making me hungry, I’m heading out to lunch.

Take care, Ryan

iPad Mini 3 repairs, now available at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone,

It’s about time, right? The long awaited and highly requested iPad Mini 3 repair lineup of services at Mission Repair.

We’ve added iPad Mini 3 glass screen repairs, LCD repairs, home button services and the like and we are proud to bring you the next generation of iPad Mini services to compliment the ongoing service line that Mission Repair is known for.

866-638-8402. Give us a call!

TGIF, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy S5 Glass Repairs at home? Think about it.

Hello friends,

We sell some “do it yourself” parts, but please be warned, that attempting to remove the glass from the front of a Samsung Galaxy S5 is not an easy task. I don’t really care how easy “they” show you on YouTube…whomever “they” are! You can’t simply apply a hairdryer and wait for 10 minutes and expect the screen to peel away cleanly. In fact, the LCD under it is NOT going to make it through the operation…kind of like this:

Yes, the glass is off!  But everything under it is now destroyed.  Don't say I didn't warn you...

Yes, the glass is off! But everything under it is now destroyed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

The GLASS ONLY repair on a Galaxy S5 should only be done by someone that knows what they are doing. In fact, I’ll be happy to report that Mission Repair CAN separate the glass from the LCD, but it never looks 100% again; so we DO NOT offer this service at this time.

We purchase complete assemblies for the Galaxy S5 which includes a new glass,digitizer and LCD that’s assembled together in a clean room environment. This is the ONLY way that we can provide a quality repair that our discerning customers demand.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re in the market for a repair that’s sub-par, we’d be happy to give that to you as well. I’m just kidding, I can’t do it.

There’s a lot of discussion about the Galaxy S5 screen (glass only) repair on the internet – just remember that you get what you pay for.

Thanks everyone, I’m just about out of here for the day…talk to you again soon. Ryan

Not even the mighty iMac is immune.

Hello friends,

We had a customer come in to our Olathe service lab and drop off her iMac- with a smashed glass. This isn’t any “normal” glass panel, these are thick and dangerous when cracked. This particular unit fell over and crunched.


This is a pretty straight-forward repair, it only takes a few minutes (but you have to be very careful to make sure everything is clean on the inside!) and makes the computer look new again.

Bottom line is: don’t drop your iMac. But if you do, give us a call at Mission Repair and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Take care, Ryan

Well, it can happen to anyone. iPhone 6 screen problems.

Hi friends,

I just want you to understand that I’ve owned every iPhone except for the iPhone 6 Plus. I was in line at the Apple Store for the very first iPhone (2G!) many years ago and when we got it back to the office everyone was in awe…

I’ve personally NEVER dropped and broken a screen. UNTIL NOW.

I dropped my iPhone 6. Yes, in a previous blog I showed you all that it had BENT on me, but it didn’t break. It worked great.

I usually have my phone with me in the car- and in this situation I set it in my lap. Well, I forgot that I left it there. Stopped my car, opened my door, and SMASH! I heard it hit the concrete. It was face down; I wished to the iPhone spirits in hopes that it wasn’t cracked, but it was. And it was so bad that even the digitizer was 1/2 functioning and the LCD screen had a bunch of lines and was totally unreadable. This meant that I couldn’t even enter my passcode to send a text, make a phone call, or check on my Clash of Clans 😉

Now what?  Even though I own Mission Repair, this was a bit disruptive and worrisome.

Now what? Even though I own Mission Repair, this was a bit disruptive and worrisome.

Once we had a bit of a slowdown, I handed the phone off to Lennie and asked him to install a replacement screen. I thought about making an appointment at the Apple Store to run it through their repair program, but I truthfully didn’t want to wait for an appointment, make the trek downtown, just to have them swap my phone. That would mean that I’d have to reinstall all of my data from a backup and get it back into somewhat of normal operating shape. I chose to have the repair done here at Mission Repair to save me all of the headaches.

Wow, back to normal.  iPhone 6: you complete me.

Wow, back to normal. iPhone 6: you complete me.

Now that it’s back in good working order, I appreciate how a working phone affects my life and my communication ability. I also appreciate how NOT having your phone is a bummer…so we’re doing our best to get customer devices repaired and shipped out just as fast as we can.

I mean, you’ve got you check on your clan App every once in a while, right?

Thanks for reading, take care, Ryan