Mission Repair update.

Good morning, Happy Tuesday!

It’s looking like a decent week of weather here in the Kansas City area (where our headquarters is located) and it appears that I’m NOT going to need to travel this weekend, and that’s somewhat of a relief! By the way, when I say “decent”, I mean that it’s generally above freezing and there’s no snow on the ground. I don’t mean “decent” as if I was sitting in Miami at the moment 😉

Not warm per se, but decent for Kansas in February!

Not warm per se, but decent for Kansas in February!

Our new Lakewood Colorado store is operating and running smoothly. 2 new employees are trained and doing well, and our new store manager, Chris seems to really be getting into the groove. It’s good to know that location is in good hands.

Our new plan of routing repairs to our Colorado location is working well. It’s a little pressure relief for the technicians here in Kansas, and it’s helping us get ahead of our turn around times.

Our Colorado store is in a fantastic location. In fact, I’m considering spending a little more time in Colorado in the next couple of months.

So from the office or from the road, you can count on us to continually drive for new programs and refresh our services. In fact, Melanie and I are working on streamlining our website as we speak to make the customer checkout process simpler and easier to use. Check back on missionrepair.com within the next couple of days to see what I’m talking about, it’s progress.

We’re busy at work and I’ll be back soon with some awesome specials that can only come from Mission Repair. Take care, Ryan

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