Happy January!

Hello my friends, welcome to 2015. It’s January 5, 2015. 15/15 for those “number people” out there!

This weekend at the Arter house was full of packing and cleaning up after the holiday season. As we looked around, there are about 20 gifts still in the dining room waiting to be delivered. A couple of friends simply forgot to take the items that we gave them a week ago; but we’ve also had 2 family gatherings cancelled due to weather, the flu and other issues that just didn’t make them happen. That means that we are all cleaned up and ready for 2015, but still have a few holiday dinners to attend to. It’s part of the season I guess!

There’s a small issue however; I’m booked for the next 5 (FIVE!) weekends so it appears that I’m going to have to miss out on all of the fun!

Happy New Year 2015

I’m torn during this time each year. From a business perspective, I’m happy that the holiday season is over. We are back to normal work weeks, a lot of vacations are completed, and the “holiday pay” on all of my employees paychecks is almost complete. That’s a great thing!

The selfish part of me wants to go back to short weeks, long “couch” time watching football and television that I haven’t had a chance to watch and simple relaxation time that I don’t normally get.

Additionally we’ve decided to get back into an exercise schedule that works for all of us a family. In fact, we went to the gym yesterday, and we have a Cross-Fit training session tomorrow night at 7:30pm. After picking up some weights last night, I realize how out of shape I am…and of course as many of us committed on New Years Eve, I have a fitness goal this year as well. It’s to net lose 15 lbs, and to bench press 325 lbs. A hefty goal for a man that’s about to have another “40 something” birthday party next week!! I’m all in.

So if you’ve got a lofty resolution for yourself, don’t worry about it…stick with it. I’ll be happy to post my results when I achieve them. Hopefully before boat season!!

Well until then, Happy New Year and I’ll be in touch – I’m leaving for Colorado in a couple of days to begin the move-in process at our newest location in Lakewood, stay tuned for the official Grand Opening coming soon!

Take care, Ryan