Bobcat. Or something else?

Hello again blog readers-

Just one more quick blog today because I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure this picture out. Let’s me give you some back story:

I live in Spring Hill, Kansas. It’s a small town, with no stop lights, and about 3,000 people. Don’t let that “small town” story fool you though – I’m from the Bay Area, worked in Oakland, San Leandro, Concord, Fremont and lived in the same areas for most of my life. But the last decade I’ve spent in a little town and loving it.

I’ve gotten used to the feel and the quietness. I live at the end of a road – which backs up to some “wilderness” and a pond. I have a couple of dogs that I like to spend time with out there and we can hear the coyotes at night.

Finally, I keep a couple of “game” cameras set up in my yard, firstly for security so I can see who’s coming and going, but also to see what kind of animals might be sniffing around. Two nights ago, my camera caught this picture at 3:54am, you can click on it to get a bigger image:


It only takes a picture when it detects movement. And if you look in the center, almost all the way to the bottom of the picture, you’ll see a creature walking up my driveway from the street. That’s my neighbor’s house that you see in the background…the wilderness is behind the camera.

Do you see it? What is that? It’s not a house cat. NO WAY. It’s almost as big as the entire width of the sidewalk. It’s not a dog, it definitely looks “feline”. It’s got to be a bobcat, right?

I spend a lot of time outside and in the wild, and rarely have a seen one of these guys roaming the countryside. They are nocturnal, and fierce carnivores known to take down prey larger than them. So it gets me thinking, what else is out there? I’ll post more pics as I get them, I’m hoping to ge a shot of the “Great North Western Spring Hill Sasquatch” some day. If I get that, I’ll let you know!

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Thanks, talk to you again soon. Ryan

Coupon Code Inside!

Hello friends,

I stopped to get gas today here in Olathe, Kansas and the price at the moment is $1.98/gal. It’s impressive that during this time of year, a busy traveling time, that gas is hitting the lowest prices we’ve seen in a long time.

$1.98/gallon. That’s about $45 to fill up my truck!! I’ve paid $90 in the past!


It was so exciting that I had to take a picture as proof and blog about it. Sub $2.00/gallon pricing seemed like an unreachable goal…like a myth of the past…like some sort of unobtainable number that you could only read about in history books.

Nope, it appears that someone, somewhere (don’t ask me how gas prices change so often, so sporadically, and so radically, because I don’t know) decided to dig deep and spread a little holiday cheer.

I’m cheering about $1.98/gallon, so I’m pretty easy. If we can get it down below $1.00/gallon, now that would be a true Christmas miracle!

So with all of that being said, I’d like to buy every one of my new customers a gallon of gas. I know, it’s not a huge savings on a $80 repair with us; but heck, I’m just trying to do my part.

Use coupon code “petrol” when checking out online or when you visit one of our locations and we’ll take $1.98 off of your order. Free gas? Who wouldn’t take me up on that? This offer is good now through the end of the year and is good on new orders only, cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount including “Got Repair” benefits. Coupon expires midnight 12/31/14.

Have a happy holiday!


Time to get into the Holiday Spirit!

Hello everyone- we are scrambling to get 11 hours of work done today in a 5 hour period here at Mission Repair – remember that we are closing today at 1:00pm so that I can take out the company for a lunch and we can head off to be with our families until Friday morning.

We will reopen Friday morning 12/26/14 at 8:00am like usual!

Last night, we really got into the Holiday Spirit – my cousin bought the entire family tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra that played at the Sprint Center in Kansas City last night! I got a few great pics, this group puts on one heck of a sound and visual light show:


They put on the “The Christmas Attic” show which is a “rock opera”, and there were some old school rockers up on stage. It was a lot of fun! Thanks Cousin Kyle!

After the show, we moved on to eat out at Gordon Biersch for dinner…we laughed, talked about old times, made new memories, and discussed the plans for the rest of the week. So for those of you that have today and tomorrow off, congratulations. I’ll apologize to my employes again for being open today, but we’ve taken a record number of repair orders this month so I just feel that it’s right to stay open for a little bit today to make sure we can fulfill these orders! My staff of technicians are like Toy-Making Elves right now…getting things done in time for the Holiday! Except that they don’t have pointy ears or funny shoes. Well, maybe Matt Vaughan has funny shoes, but don’t anyone say anything to him about it!

Thanks everyone, it’s 10:39am and we’ll be here until 1:00pm today…