Throwback…Red Dawn is on!

Hello everyone!

Yes, it’ s getting close to the end of the day and I’m flipping the channels on the TV in my office to see the classic – “Red Dawn” come on the Esquire channel. I snapped this pic just as I was starting this blog, it’s the very beginning when Patrick Swayze is dropping off his little brother at school in his COOL 4×4 truck:


After WWIII erupts, the communists have invaded and taken over America. Eight teenagers flee to the mountains and begin a series of guerrilla raids on the invaders. How can this movie only have 4.8 out of 10 stars on the review scale? Well, it’s the kind of B movie that you love or hate. I was in my early teens when it came out so I can relate to the character situations – and it’s seems totally feasible that a group of high-schoolers could show the communists a thing or two, right?

Maybe in “real life” it would be a little different, but who knows. The “Wolverines” are still my heroes and I think I’ll stay and watch this from the comfort of my office. While I work…into the night.

Until tomorrow, have a great evening and if you happen to see paratroopers dropping from the sky in your neighborhood, head for the hills. I’ll meet you there. (if you didn’t know this is from the movie, not intended to panic anyone!)

Have a good night, Ryan

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