NFL Fans – it’s getting to the “good” time of the year!

Hello friends,

If you’re not an NFL fan, that’s OK. There are times myself that I think that I might give up on the sport as well. In fact, I’ve NOT played fantasy football for the last couple of years and I must admit that I enjoy my Sundays more now! I think there was just not enough enjoyment for me, even when I played in several leagues each year. I suppose that I’d never make a good NFL General Manager or Head Coach. I’m OK with this.


However there were some excellent games yesterday and it’s undeniable to me that football reminds me of this time of year, the feeling of the seasons changing in Kansas and the excitement of watching my team do well. Or poorly. I’ll take it any way I can!

I hope your team is doing well this year; it’s getting to crunch time and the playoff picture is starting to form. I like watching the teams that are “in the hunt” because they have so much to gain right now. It just gets my blood pumping.

Yes, there’s some Monday Night Football on tonight…and I’ve got plans to sit and relax and get one more game of pigskin in. It should be a decent game. Saints and Bears. Neither of these guys are “my team”, but I’ll still be watching. What are you doing tonight?

I’ll be back, happy Monday!


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