A warm wave is hitting our Corporate offices in Kansas – how’s the weather in Colorado?

Hi friends,

By now, I’d thinking about the possibility of snow and cold weather here in Kansas; but it’s looking like it’ll be in the 50’s and 60’s by the end of the week and into the weekend! That’s great news for us that like to be outside (that’s me!) and we get to avoid “snow drifts” for a little while longer.

Can you guess where our next Mission Repair Express Location will be?

Can you guess where our next Mission Repair Express Location will be?

It’s been a fun week at Mission Repair – and we have decided on our next Mission Repair Express Location and we’ll be announcing the opening date of our very first Colorado location shortly! The paperwork is signed and we are moving forward – but I can tell you that it’ll be in Lakewood, Colorado on South Wadsworth Blvd. so stay tuned for a few pictures and the official opening date soon!

So I’m bragging about the mild weather in Kansas, how is it in the Denver area? It looks to be in the mid-60’s this weekend. I bet that the Colorado weather won’t always be better so to all of our friends that we’ve made in the Denver the last few months, ENJOY IT! The snow is coming, that you can be sure of!

I’m ending my day here at our Olathe, Kansas location and reflecting on the status of the business before I retire for the night and it all feels great. Morale is good, customers are happy, and we’re providing a much needed service for the industry and as usual we will continue to forge new paths for our customers. Thank you.

Until tomorrow, I’m headed home to see my dogs and spend a little time with the family.

Take care, Ryan

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