Cyber Monday specials continued!

Hello friends,

I couldn’t take it, and I just can’t seem to pull down our list of 50 super-specials that we ran yesterday so they will be active until Thursday at midnight! That’s right, these prices will remain in tact until 12/4/14 at midnight, so don’t delay.


I love this time of year even though I haven’t purchased a thing yet for Christmas. I guess that I better get on that asap- since it’s just right around the corner. I know it’s the thought that counts, but if I show up empty handed on Christmas Day, my kids might have something to say about it 😉

It’s obvious that so many of our customers are repairing devices that have been broken for a while, and they are repairing them as gifts for the approaching holiday season. I’m grateful that Mission Repair can be a part of the holiday season for so many.

There’s plenty of time to have that iPhone screen repaired, or have that Mac Laptop serviced before Christmas. And right now, with over 50 services STILL at 20% off, it’s a great time to get the ball in motion!

Have a great week, Ryan

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