iPhone Screen Repairs – Lowest Price EVER For Cyber Monday

1465289_10152027089862913_1315317522_nOur Cyber Monday specials continue this week and our iPhone screen repair prices are have never been lower. If you are in need of an iPhone 5S screen repair or if you have a cracked screen on your iPhone 5, now is the time to order your repair at http://www.missionrepair.com.

We have run specials before on these particular repairs but our Cyber Monday prices cannot be beat. From now until Thursday, Dec. 4th at midnight we are servicing iPhone 5, 5S and 5C screens for ONLY $87! Regularly priced $109, you can get your iPhone 5C shattered screen replaced for over $20 cheaper. Click one of the services below to get started.

iPhone 5 Screen Repair (White)
iPhone 5 Screen Repair (Black)

iPhone 5S Screen Repair (White)
iPhone 5S Screen Repair (Black)

iPhone 5C Screen Repair

Once we receive your device we will replace the screen with a brand new part and get your unit back to you good as new. Know of a friend in need of a screen repair? Share our Cyber Monday specials with them and make sure they take advantage of this sale while it lasts. If you have questions regarding a current order or any other service just give us a call at 1-866-638-8402.

Happy shopping!


Cyber Monday specials continued!

Hello friends,

I couldn’t take it, and I just can’t seem to pull down our list of 50 super-specials that we ran yesterday so they will be active until Thursday at midnight! That’s right, these prices will remain in tact until 12/4/14 at midnight, so don’t delay.


I love this time of year even though I haven’t purchased a thing yet for Christmas. I guess that I better get on that asap- since it’s just right around the corner. I know it’s the thought that counts, but if I show up empty handed on Christmas Day, my kids might have something to say about it 😉

It’s obvious that so many of our customers are repairing devices that have been broken for a while, and they are repairing them as gifts for the approaching holiday season. I’m grateful that Mission Repair can be a part of the holiday season for so many.

There’s plenty of time to have that iPhone screen repaired, or have that Mac Laptop serviced before Christmas. And right now, with over 50 services STILL at 20% off, it’s a great time to get the ball in motion!

Have a great week, Ryan

Ok, so this is a bad situation.

Good morning again friends,

We took a repair in at our Olathe, Kansas location that was in “serious” need this morning. Mission Repair is here to help.


I feel terrible for this customer that got their top case caught in a piece of machinery that “crunched” the entire screen assembly. It’s kind of a nightmare to look at, but once we’re done, the customer will never know the difference.

This brings us to our full line of Mac laptop repairs. I’ve personally been servicing Mac laptops for just about 20 years. I’ll admit that I am a little rusty because I have technicians on hand to handle the day to day work flow 😉 But I can still hold my own in the tech room!

As the technology gets better, the units get faster, the styling sleeker – but the importance of each unit remains- these are valuable to our customers, and we’re happy to provide a solution to get them back to “normal” again.

We’ve got the screen assembly on order and it’ll arrive soon; I’ll follow up with the completed repair once it his our QA department.

Thanks, talk to you again soon. Ryan

Thanksgiving recapulation.

Good morning!

Wow, we are still breathing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday were both off the charts busy here at Mission Repair. In fact, I heard on the news that this 2014 Black Friday was down in revenue by 13% nationwide. We’ve been in business going on 7 years now, and each Black Friday has been a madhouse, and this one was a 51% increase over Black Friday 2013. Thank you to all of our new customers!

So Black Friday came on the tail of Thanksgiving, which was a bit “nontraditional” at the Arter house this year. I didn’t make a Turkey until Friday evening…we spent Thanksgiving Day down at the Plaza in Kansas City for the big “lighting” of the downtown area which was followed by a street party. Yes, it was fun but truthfully I missed having a home cooked meal ON Thanksgiving. So we moved it to Friday 😉

Here’s a shot of my turkey breasts after I carved them off of the turkey. By the way, this is the PROPER way to carve a turkey, let me know if you want to learn more about my techniques!


I plated each breast separately, because one side I injected with some spices that I picked up while I was in Grenada this year, here’s a closeup:


Yes, it was yummy! To top it all off, Thanksgiving is not complete until Grandma Arter makes her world famous pecan tarts.


They are gone now, but with the power of the internet and with the amazing ability to store pictures online forever, I can always visit my blog if I ever need a “fix”. Here’s to the holiday season that is upon us, I hope you stay safe and happy.

I’ll be here at the office for a while, thanks for stopping by!

Take care, Ryan