The best marketing in the world.

Hello everyone-

While visiting Denver last week scouting for the next Mission Repair Express location, and as we were driving downtown, I spotted a “Hollywood Posters” store. Not that I was looking for any posters, but their signage just jumped out at me:


Read it and think about it. At first I laughed it off as just a ridiculously bad way to convey that they had a lot of posters. But I found myself thinking about the sign, the message (clearly they must have a lot of posters in there) and it stuck with me.

I do a lot of marketing every day. I think about my messages. Maybe it’s time for a little guerrilla marketing at Mission Repair. To be honest, business is going quite well, but it never hurts to mix it up a little.

So I’m thinking about changing our slogan from:

“Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice”


“Mission Repair, we’ve serviced more iPhones than there are in the world”.

Or something to that effect. Any ideas for me? Until it appears in a vision, I’ll talk to you again soon.


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