Mission Repair Has One of the Longest List of Phone Repairs in the Industry

10649728_10152332099817913_3491969724346614350_nGood Morning and Happy Monday! It is a typical morning at Mission:Repair, the phones are ringing, customers are stopping by, technicians are working hard to get thru all the repairs that came in this weekend AND we have already had someone call in and ask ‘Do you fix Android devices? Or just iPhones?’ This is a popular question we get and the answer is always the same:

“Why yes we do!”

In fact, Mission Repair has one of the longest list of phone repairs in the industry. We are constantly looking for new devices, sourcing parts and adding services to our website each day. It’s our duty to keep the website clean and fresh and make it easy for customers to get the service they need from the repair center they trust. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S III in need of a screen repair or perhaps your Nokia Lumia isn’t working correctly – Mission Repair is here to help!

Can’t find a service on our site that you’re looking for? Send our customer service department an email or call 866-638-8402.

Have a great day,