iPhone 5C Screen Repairs – ONLY $109

Happy Tuesday!

Today I wanted to tell you about our iPhone 5C Screen Repairs. This is becoming a popular repair at the moment for iPhone 5C owners. Perhaps you have a cracked glass on yours and have opted not to purchase the new iPhone 6 as well. If so, now is the time to call Mission Repair because these screen repairs are only $109!


If you are walking into one of our locations, be sure to ask us about our same-day service options. We can repair your iPhone 5C in an hour to an hour and half. We will take your green, pink, blue, yellow, white or whatever color iPhone 5C that you own, remove the cracked mess that is a screen and replace it with a brand new one. It is that simple.

To place your order online, click here or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402!

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