How much does a cracked screen on an iPhone cost to repair?

Good afternoon!

This comes up constantly in our business – both on the phone and with our walk-in customers…we get the question “how much does it cost to have my iPhone repaired?”

Get a repair price from anywhere in the world on your iPhone, Tablet or Computer.  Or give us a call!

Get a repair price from anywhere in the world on your iPhone, Tablet or Computer. Or give us a call!

We are trained and ready to help answer your questions. There’s another solution however; all of our pricing is on our website for you to get a repair price IMMEDIATELY. In fact, you can see all of our pricing UP FRONT, there’s no need to proceed with a checkout, get the service into the cart to see if there are additional charges, etc. We don’t “nickle and dime” you at the last minute with additional fees after you’ve inputted your credit card number or address- again it’s all UP FRONT and viewable 24 hours a day!

Why is this important? We have nothing to hide. In fact there are many repair companies that charge different prices for different states and regions; there are iPhone repair companies that charge different prices depending on what store or representative you call within the SAME CITY.

AT MISSION REPAIR we charge the same price whether you live in California, Maine or anywhere in between!

As a consumer myself, I prefer to know what the price of my purchase will be up front rather than being “blind” to the fact…and either have to make a phone call and wait on hold for someone to respond, or send an email and wait for a response that way;

We here at Mission Repair have ALWAYS had our pricing on our website for the world to see. In fact, we set the benchmark for pricing constantly. Our sales people are not on commission – they do not benefit by charging one customer more than another. It’s the best way to get honest and consistent information and it’s truth.

So the next time you’re looking for a price on an iPhone 5S Screen Repair, it’s as easy as clicking on then ask yourself why the “next guy” isn’t confident enough to present pricing up front. There’s a reason for that, and you should be aware of it.

Thanks for reading, Ryan

Ok, so it’s getting kinda scary.

I’m not sure if you saw my blog from last week, but we had a rogue wolf spider roaming the halls at the Mission Repair campus. You can check out that story here. All wolf spiders are very skittish and very fast, but not necessarily too aggressive. Creepy, yes. A threat to us, no!

Well that wasn’t an anomaly, I heard a bit of ruckus coming from KCTool Co. last night (who is occupying the building right next to Mission Repair) and they ended up catching one of these guys in a clear container. The owner Kyle brought it over to me and here it is on my desk:

Click on the picture to get a close up-gross-out.

Click on the picture to get a close up-gross-out.

This makes two enormous spiders caught within our office walls in the last few business days. It made me remember an article that I read about the caterpillars changing the way they eat due to global warming. Could this also be a reason that we are seeing some enormous spiders moving indoors? Seeing two spiders probably isn’t enough to make any guesses yet…but I’ve been in this building for almost 7 years and I’ve never had a spider “problem” like this.

I have noticed that there aren’t many crickets in the office, which we tend to get from time to time. I think that these spider have been eating well 😉

Rest assured that this guy was released unharmed and sent back into the wild.

OK, back to work, but as I was typing this I was sure that I felt something crawling in my socks. It’s a mind over matter thing. There is nothing there…there is nothing there…

Take care, Ryan