Cracked screen fixed on a MacBook.

Good afternoon,

It still surprises me when customers call and ask “Do you repair computers?”

It’s true…and has been for true coming up on seven years now. In fact, I’ve personally been working on Mac and PC computers since 1994; I’ve seen a lot of generations and repaired countless different computers, brands of computers, laptops and desktop units.

Unlike an iPhone repair, there’s not a single “majority” type of repair on a computer. iPhones for example, are mostly in for service to have a screen repaired.

Computers on the other hand are a different animal. No doubt there’s a lot of screen repairs that come through our shop and we can repair glass and LCD’s on most laptops.

Click here for a list of Mac Laptops that we repair.
Click here for a list of PC Laptops that we repair.

Shattered glass, yes. But also hard drives, solid state drives, memory modules, logic boards, case parts, keyboards, hinges, and just about anything else. Laptop repairs have never been easier – and we’ve got the best shipping prices to and from anywhere in the USA – all you need to do is get your order started and we’ll take care of the rest.

Not convinced? Give us a call 7 days a week at 866-638-8402.

Have a great day, Ryan

Nationwide Next-Day iPad Screen Repairs

Good afternoon everyone!10378164_10152316063462913_4756821214469273419_n

Recently I sat Ryan down for our website meeting and he went through and lowered a TON of prices on our website. The ones I was most surprised by were the iPad Screen Repairs. Some are at  their LOWEST prices ever. If you have cracked glass on your iPad Mini or are in need of an iPad 2 screen repair, iPad Air Screen Repair, etc. – Mission Repair is the place to go. Not only for our certified technicians and FAST turnaround times but because of our competitive pricing.

Check out our popular iPad screen repair services below:

iPad Air Glass Repair (Black) | iPad Air Glass Repair (White)

iPad Mini with Retina Display (Black) | iPad Mini with Retina Display (White)

iPad Mini Screen Repair (Black) | iPad Mini Screen Repair (White)

iPad 4 Glass Repair (Black) | iPad 4 Glass Repair (White)

iPad 3 Glass Repair (Black) | iPad 3 Glass Repair (White)

iPad 2 Glass Repair (Black) | iPad 2 Glass Repair (White)

In the Kansas City Area? Be sure to visit us at one of our walk-in locations. If you bring your iPad in for a screen repair today, we can have it repaired and back to you before the weekend starts! Not located in Kansas City? No problem, we specialize in NATIONWIDE mail-in repair services and our website offers several shipping options to fit your needs.

Do you know about CERT?

Good afternoon!

I have a few friends at our local Police Station and Fire Department who recommended that I become a CERT member. CERT: Community Emergency Response Team. I like to think that I would help someone in an emergency, and living in “tornado alley” here in Kansas City it’s a matter of time before a tragedy strikes close to home. (Joplin, Mo and Moore, Ok as examples).


So I signed up to help, and started taking classes several weeks ago.

Last night, we had our mock “incident” and the 18 of us took action. This was a live demonstration of what we learned and as a group we needed to rush to the aid of the situation. We were led to a simulated tornado touchdown area in a warehouse. Things were on fire. People were yelling. Victims were spread and calling for help. All of the things that one might expect in a real disaster and this was as close to real as I could imagine.

I was part of the Search and Rescue team, and the first into the building. I needed to triage several people (many of them with wounds, broken bones, and going into shock), and then help carry unable “victims” out on backboards, tables, chairs and anything else we could come up with to our medical center that was developed.

What a night. My back is a little sore; but I’m a much better person for it. It’s all about personal safety, my family’s safety the safety of my neighbors, and if an incident does occur, I’m ready to help wherever I’m needed.

I encourage anyone that would like to try this class to look it up in your local area. This is a nationwide certification and certainly recommend it to anyone that finds interest in it.

Need more info? Check out FEMA’s website.

Take care, Ryan

I Washed My iPhone. What Do I Do?!

This is a question we often get from customers who have dropped their smartphone or iPod in the toilet, sent it through the washing machine, got caught in a rainstorm, etc. If your device has water damage we can help! Before thinking about replacing the device, we have the potential to fix it for a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

If your iPod or Smartphone has been submerged in water call Mission:Repair at 1-866-638-8402. We will do a Free Diagnosis. This allows one of our certified technicians to take a look at your device and assess the damage. In some cases the device will need a logic board repair. The logic board is the main motherboard inside the device and all other components are connected to it. So, once we get a working logic board back in your unit, there maybe other small components that need to be replaced such as the home button, power button, battery, etc which we will address.

Repairing your logic board is a cost effective way to save your device instead of purchasing a new one! So the next time you hear someone say ‘I dropped my phone in the toilet’ send them our way and we will do everything we can to get your device back to working condition!

There is a small chance that the damage to your device is too extensive and the logic board comes back unrepairable. In this case you DO NOT pay for the repair service!  How can you beat that for service? So, whether you have a liquid damaged iPhone, iPad or other device – be sure to call us at 1-866-638-8402 before looking into purchasing a new one.

Speaking of iPhone repair in Denver…

Hello everyone-

Next week on Thursday is a big day for us here at Mission Repair – Manager Jake Bayes and I are heading to Denver to make a final selection on our newest Express location in the Denver area!

We’ve got a tour guide that is scheduled to show us several buildings and retail store fronts Friday and Saturday. It’s going to be a long weekend, but who needs to sleep anyway?

The Mile High City is where our next walk-in location will be!

The Mile High City is where our next walk-in location will be!

Why is Denver next? Well, I’m from the area and I know it. Secondly, it’s part of the master plan to expand across the Nation to provide faster services to more people than ever before; we’ve got a Store Manager ready to go and the new location grand opening will be announced by Thanksgiving.

It’s a lot to take on…adding stores spreads me a little thin, but I’ve got a pretty good “bandwidth” for more responsibility. I am only human, otherwise we’d be working on 2 or more stores at a time.

Hmm, I may be up for the challenge. Where will the next Mission Repair Express location be after Colorado? In your neighborhood? Quite possibly…I’ll be in touch.

Take care, Ryan