Next-Day 4th Gen iPod Touch Screen Repairs for $49!

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One of the most popular repairs we see come in for repair is the 4th Gen iPod Touch. Customers continue to choose to repair their cracked glass on this unit instead of replace and that is because it is a great iPod! Accidents happen, and if you crack the glass on your iPod touch it does not make the device useless. In fact, at Mission Repair we can get your iPod Touch back to you good as new in 24 hours and for only $49. If you ask me, this is a bargain!

Once we receive your device we pre-test it and note all the damage. Next, it is sent to one of our certified technicians where they replace the cracked glass with a brand new screen. From there, it is post tested and then you are notified that your device is ready for pick up or has been shipped back to you. – ALL IN 24 HOURS!

– 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass Repair (Black)

– 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass Repair (White)

Need the glass repaired on your 4th Gen iPod Touch? Click one of the links above or give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 to get started.

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