Is this a sign Halloween is coming early?

Hello everyone, good afternoon!

It’s been a busy day here at Mission Repair, I’m just now getting a chance to sit down a whip out a quick blog before I have to escape to another department for a while;

I started a different “Halloween” themed blog earlier in the day, but scratched it for this post. I arrived back into the office today after a few errands on the road, only to see my employees panic stricken from their recent encounter with a spider.

That’s right…a spider in the office.

It’s interesting to see 25 grown adults all riled up about this creature, so I demanded to see some evidence. Melanie was able to snap this picture which lacks scale, but that’s a standard filing cabinet in the background:


Please note that this is not “photoshopped” or edited in any way…but it is from a distance because this was as close to the creature as she would get. All votes are in that it’s a Wolf Spider pretty common to the Midwest.

I heard “it’s as big as my hand” and even reports from other employees that made it sound as big as a Frisbee. Judging from the picture, it was very big.

Was this fella helping us decorate for Halloween? Maybe spin a few webs in the corner for ambiance? We’re not sure, but Matthew saved the day by removing the beast from the office. I love Halloween, and I started getting my decorations out at the house but this is going a bit too far!!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan

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