Sprint is upgrading. I hope so!

Hello again, I just checked my email and saw this in my inbox:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.10.35 PM

Does this mean that I might be able to surf the internet on my phone in the center of the city? That would be simply amazing. I’ve not complained publicly about how terrible my Sprint service have been on my iPhone until now; and that’s only because I’m hoping that the upgrades to their infrastructure might solve my issues. I moved to Sprint from AT&T; and have regretted it for a year now.

Dropped calls, no LTE, spotty service- I was even sitting at a Kansas City Royals Game this year, looking at all of the Sprint advertising around the stadium while simultaneously unable to send a text…due to poor service. For those of you not familiar with Kansas City, Kaufmann Stadium is in the middle of the city where you’d expect the best reception to be. Not for us Sprint customers…

Well here’s to Sprint for recognizing and taking care of the issue. More to come?

Thanks for reading, Ryan

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