Sidewalks are in and look great!

Hi friends, I’m so happy I can hardly contain myself! The storefront, parking and new street at our Mission Repair Express location is looking great!



It’s been a bit of a mess at this location; with the destruction of the old sidewalk and the installation of the new sidewalk, it’s been nothing short of a dusty whirlwind for the last couple of months. The end is near, and they city will be installing benches out in front of the store (I like to call it an extended waiting room) and they have more than doubled the width of the sidewalk. We might even be able to install some tables and chairs outside – heck, maybe even start a small deli.

Ok, that’s pushing it a little too far. I’ll eat a sandwich, I don’t know anything about making a sandwich for the public šŸ˜‰

Alright I’ve got a meeting up at the Mission, Kansas location tomorrow morning and I might be blogging from there. We’ll be in touch!

Thanks, Ryan

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