Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8″) Screen Reapir announced!

Good morning! Are you reading this blog post though a cracked screen? If so, you’re one step closer to being “normal” again!

galaxy tab 3 screen repairs!

Today at Mission Repair we announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 screen repairs – this is for the 8″ version of the screen. I’m not gonna kid you here, this is actually a pretty nice piece of equipment. Samsung truly makes some decent electronics; I’ve switched my TV sets at the house from Sony to Samsung over the years (sorry Sony, it was time) and I’m not looking back!

We repaired a ton of these little gadgets and even before we added this service to the website people have been sending them in and dropping them off for glass replacements. Yes, they crack just like any other device…

Mission Repair is here for you and your cracked 8″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 3; don’t delay any longer!

Have a great day everyone, Ryan

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