On a personal note…

Hello friends, just taking a quick break from the daily activities at Mission Repair to share a pic of my son Casey. If you follow my blog at all, you might notice that I talk about him once in a while and today’s post is just for him. In fact, he works the front desk at our Olathe location in customer service, so some of you may even know him!

He passed the background check, the written interview and the oral panel interview to become one of the accepted Police Explorers in Olathe, Kansas for the 2014-2015 school year.


Last night he was able to pick up his uniform and duty belt – it was parent’s night – and his training starts in a couple of weeks. The explorer group learns about many facets of police work and gives pre-college students an idea of what the day to day life of a law enforcement officer is like.

It will basically give him an idea if this was meant for him…from a parent’s perspective I know that it’s clearly difficult times for police officers right now. There are many emotions running through me but who am I to stop my child from achieving whatever he wants? I am merely a guide at this point and proud of his accomplishments.

In any case, Mission Repair is participating in the “Crime-Free Business Program” set up by our local police department which ties in nicely to Casey’s new program in the same city – more to come on the Crime-Free Business Program soon!

Thanks everyone, talk to you again soon.


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