Is Apple releasing a Phablet in September?

Hello friends,

I’ve been working with Melanie all day today on promotions, artwork and press content. We started talking about the new iPhone 6 that will be released in a couple of weeks, and I’ve heard several rumors that it’ll be on September 9th…but it’s still open for debate. That’s why it’s a rumor 😉

It appears that the iPhone 6 will certainly come in two sizes. A 4.7″ screen model and a 5.5″ screen model. I just thought about it for a minute…the 5.5″ will be Apple’s first Phablet! I searched a bit around Google and it appears that others have already had this epiphany.

Now that's a phablet!

Now that’s a phablet!

What’s a phablet? According to the ever accurate Wikipedia:

“A phablet (/ˈfæblɪt/), (also known as a phonelet or tabphone or fablet) a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet, is a class of mobile device designed to combine or straddle the functions of a smartphone and tablet. Phablets typically have screens that measure (diagonally) between 5.01 and 6.9 inches (130 to 180 mm), which complement screen-intensive activity such as mobile web browsing and multimedia viewing.”

If Apple unveils the 5.5″ screen – then we will have our first Apple Phone/Tablet in the market.

Then the conversation continued. How do you hold it? Can you stuff it into your back pocket? Will it be more fragile than ever? Well if there’s a will there’s a way – and all of these issues and questions will be answered soon. I do know that this new screen ought to fully satisfy the “small screen” critics when it comes to the iPhone.

Does a 6.9″ screen “phablet” seem reasonable? Is bigger better? Can you imagine trying to sneak a peek at a text during a movie at the theater on a 6.9″ screen? You might blind the person behind you!

I think I might hit up a movie tonight, I’ll remember to turn my phone off 😉

Take care, Ryan

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