Summer has arrived!

Hello friends,

Summer has finally “set in” here in Kansas City and we are going to have several 100 degree days starting today.

I’ve been a busy guy this morning already…I decided that it’s time to seal the concrete around my house. This means the driveway, back patio and walkway up to the front door all needed to be cleaned, stained and sealed. This morning was the second to the last coat of the project. The issue is that I need to finish it, but I cannot apply the sealer when the temperature is above 80 degrees f. So you guessed it, I’m getting up at 5am and rolling the sealing in the dark. With the coyotes and other scary things 😉

I wasn’t thoughtful enough to take a picture to share- but I only have one coat of sealer left to roll and I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning at 5am. If you’re not doing anything, I could use a hand so stop by if you can!


When we talk about temperatures here in Kansas City, we also have to factor in the heat index. Heat index combines air temperature and relative humidity in an attempt to determine the human-perceived equivalent temperature. So when we watch the weatherman on the news in the morning, he may say something like “It’ll be 97 degrees but with the heat index it’s going to feel like 107.”

Which brings me to my next question: Why do I care about the actual temperature it’s it’s going to feel different that it really is?!?

Well, not to worry, because it really doesn’t effect us indoors- my technicians and warehouse here at our Mission Repair Headquarters stay cool with out HUGE commercial air conditioning units that are cranked up and running. In fact, we have several A/C unit at our location – but one of then did fail yesterday. It happens to be the unit that cools Lennie’s office, so he needs to tough it out until the repair man arrives later today 😉

I’ve got a lot to write about today in the Mission Repair Blog so stay tuned on the blog-o-sphere and I’ll be typing away.

Take care, Ryan

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