Where is August going?

Hello friends,

It’s almost mid-August and time is flying by! My son Casey started his senior year of school today (I won’t embarrass him with the picture I took today) and he was even early this morning. If you’re already out of High School (like me!) do you remember your senior year?

Mine was at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California. It’s kind of funny because now that I’m living in Kansas (Casey started school here and is finishing here), I get to tell my kids stories about how I used to go to Santa Cruz on the weekends, our lockers were outside of the school (not in hallways like they are here!) and we ate lunch outside…every day…yes even through the winter. Obviously, the weather is different in California and therefore the schools were set up differently. In fact, we also had “Open” lunches where we could leave campus and chow down at the Burrito Stop next to the school. Looking back now, it was a great benefit!

I grew up spending summers here- this bring back a lot of memories!

I grew up spending summers here- this bring back a lot of memories!

Well the hot August nights that we usually get here in Kansas City are unusually cool this year. It’s been a very mild summer when we normally expect a lot of heat and humidity. I’m not going to kid ya, it’s been nice! My yard is still green when typically I can’t keep up with the heat!

There’s a lot happening around here at Mission Repair too. We’ve added several new products and repairs to our lineup of services, we’re in “super” repair mode with all of the schools coming back online and there’s some great news coming down the pike about Mission Repair. I just can’t believe that it’s already August…NFL football has started and it’s feels like Fall is upon us. We’re moving into another season next month which also begins the busy season here for us as well. I’ll be planning my company Christmas party soon and talking about the New Year before we know it!

OK, that’s enough fast forwarding 😉 Stop…relax…enjoy August! I’ll be back soon with some great Mission Repair info!

Take care, Ryan