Back to school – I just had a moment…

Hello folks,

After my lunch with Brae, it’s Thursday afternoon and it seems like the entire country is going back to school right now; my son Casey was just in my office this morning (he had an interview at the Olathe Police department, kind of cool!) and we were discussing his LAST YEAR of school. He is going to be a Senior this year, and then like some sort of magic – he will be done with school and off to bigger and better things. We aren’t quite sure what that means for him yet…a career in law enforcement? Become a chef? Who knows for sure…but college is in his future and right around the corner.

What I realized is that I just registered my youngest child for his senior year in high school. This is it, no more school registrations for me! I can just remember when I was saying “I can’t wait until I get both of my kids into Kindergarten. That will be great”. Well, not only is my daughter already in her 3rd year of college (holy moly) but my son is finishing High School this year. Simply amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.13.10 PM

I can tell that the entire country is in “Back to School” mode and it pretty much effects everyone, even those without children. I’ve seen a ton of Facebook posts today and many kids are starting back up already! Casey goes back next Thursday to begin the first day of his last year of school, and I know he’s 50% excited and 50% dreading that summer is already over.

We’re in the Back to School Spirit here at Mission Repair too. In fact, Melanie and I are working on a Newsletter that will release this afternoon with an awesome back to school special. We know you’re busy, and we can seen by our huge increase in orders that families are scrambling to get devices fixed before the school year (in fact, the school IT departments are back from vacation and sending in Purchase Orders like crazy!) and we want to help if we can. Our Newsletter special will help offset some of the costs that families might be incurring with all of the back to school madness. Want to be a part of the Newsletter blast? Just sign up here and you’ll get a copy later today!

Thanks again for reading everyone, and I’ll be back this afternoon in your email inbox with the Mission Repair “Back To School” special!

Take care, Ryan

Sorry, I took a long lunch…

Hello friends,

My buddy Troy Harris is out of town and has been for several weeks on a business trip. His son, Brae, turned 5 while he was (is) away, so I thought that it would be fun to take Brae out to lunch. Just me and him. Just the guys.

Brae is going to start Kindergarten next week, his birthday was a couple of weeks ago, his dad has been out of town, so I figured we could hang out to give his momma a break. Not that she was asking, but it seemed right. I want to blog about our lunch because it made me remember what it was like to have a 5 year old and it was fun!

We ended up at our local bar and grill. Brae and I took a selfie:


He wanted spaghetti- well they didn’t have actual “spaghetti”, but after a small sales pitch on my part, we ended up with penne pasta and red sauce. He ate a ton!


I had a surprise for him. I buckled him up and drove over to Toys R Us. I mean, a kid can’t have a birthday without a gift, right?


We hunted high and low. I let him take his time…and he ended up with a couple of gems! He got the Ninja Turtles Swimming Set, and a “Leonardo” Ninja Turtles Desk Lamp. I was proud of his purchases, and he was a happy little turtle:


After about an hour and a half I needed to get back to work. His momma met us up at Toys R Us with his sister (he picked out a small gift for her too!), we got him buckled up, and sent on his way:


It was a great long lunch and I am appreciative of the Harris’ for letting take control of their son for a bit. I had a great time, got to relax, and was able to remember what it was like to be a parent of a youngster again. That reminds me; my son Casey stopped by the office this morning after he had an interview at the Olathe Police Department- I’ll shoot a quick blog out about that next!

I’m feeling pretty good – take care, Ryan