Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Repairs = Success!

Hello again friends, it’s about time ‘eh?

We just landed the parts and are now taking orders for the Nokia Lumia 820 Screen Repairs – have a cracked screen? This the the service you’re looking for!


The Lumia 820 has been tucked away behind the shadow of its bigger brother ever since it was revealed, but if any phone represents the Windows Phone 8 vision — different phones for different people — it’s the next-generation Lumia. Avoiding the unibody build of the rest of the family, this phone has an outer shell that’s removable and can work with a range of cases: glossy, not-glossy, ruggedized and capable of wireless charging. It’s a nice option, one that offers a taste of hardware customization before you’ve even started swiping around the Live Tiles and customizing the color schemes.

Just beware of the glass on these units as they are very fragile and relatively expensive. There’s still plenty of merit in saving your Nokia 820 from the landfill by repairing the device, because a new one still will set you back several hundred dollars even for a used one.

Our Nokia repair list is still filling out well – let us know if you have any questions!

Take care, Ryan

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