Do you know what a SNAFU is?

Good morning! Well it’s getting better for me here at the office.


I got a call from Lennie this morning stating that our phone system was down at the office. It’s true – for about an hour this morning if you tried to call into us, you just got a constant “ring”. So I jumped into action and made it into the office in record time. I was able to get the system up and running within a few minutes, but nevertheless we had several customers try to get a hold of us and weren’t able to unless they used our livechat button or email.

We apologize for this service interruption. It appears that the power went down last night at some point…and just crashed our servers and phone system.

Well all is back to normal, we appreciate your patience. We’re back!

Have a good morning, well at least a better morning than I’ve had 😉

Take care, Ryan