New Lower Price on LG Optimus G E970 Screen repairs!

Hello everyone- how was your holiday weekend? I had a great time watching fireworks, was quite a treat!

Today here at Mission Repair we’ve analyzed and lowered several prices on a few Smartphone reapirs now that we have been able to negotiate better pricing. I’m happy to announce that we’ve lowered the price on the LG Optimus G E970 Screen repairs effective immediately! Here’s what a cracked E970 looks like from a customer that dropped off one today:


We currently have these parts listed as “Special Order” which means that it could take some additional lead time to receive the part, but as of tomorrow we will have stock in hand and we will begin to offer these repairs on an “in-stock” basis. It’s good to know for those of you that like to have your repairs done fast…who doesn’t, right?

Check out our website as we continue to slash a prices this week on some of our most popular repairs which just means money savings to you.

Give us a call! 866-638-8402.

Take care, Ryan

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