It’s just part of my daily duties – don’t forget to record your mileage!

Hello folks,

It’s a beautiful Friday morning here in Kansas City and Father’s Day weekend is upon us! I like celebrating Father’s Day weekend, well, because I am a father and like it when my kids are reminded to be nice to me 😉 Did you know I was a single father for some time, raising 2 small kids on my own? Yeah, there’s no time in a blog to talk about that experience, but let’s just say that I made it!

As part of my daily duties here at Mission Repair, I’m heading up to my Mission, Kansas location after I post this blog. I like to stop in and check on my staff every once in a while and get customer feedback about our processes. Albert, Matt, TJ and Lennie should be there to participate.


You know, some days I seem to spend a lot of time in the car; I’ll be recording some mileage today as we take care of business.

Another little tidbit; did you know that I had a short stint as a cold-call salesperson? My buddy Darrin could attest to that. Talk about mileage, sheesh. I’m glad I have an office now!

OK, so I’m headed out and I’ll be back soon with another great blog from Mission Repair. HINT: your should sign up for our newsletter today.

Take care, Ryan

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