Would You Buy An iWatch?

Hello M:R Nation –

Have you been following the rumors about the iWatch recently? Or better question, would you ever consider wearing an Apple product around your wrist? How about if this watch worked in tandem with your iPhone to alert you to an incoming call or would allow you to reply to a text message without taking your phone out of your pocket?

I for one am thrilled about the possibilities of all the above! For years, I have desired something of the sort and if you believe the rumors, the arrival of the “iWatch” is imminent! We received a taste of an Apple watch a few years back with the arrival of the a few wristband accessory for the 6th Generation iPod Nano, but it is very limited (aside from listing to Harry Potter books).



So what are the rumors saying exactly? Here are a few things we have heard from rumor sites and vendors alike:

  • 1.3/1.5-inch display
  • “Full” iOS Capibility
  • Biometrics and other sensors for health features
  • 4-5 day battery life targeted
  • Late 2014 release

Yep, thats about all we “think” we know about this device. If Apple is at all “Apple” about this new product, it will blow our minds in ways we never knew possible and those of you that never wear a watch, will all of a sudden wear one religiously.


Cheers, Troy

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