Apple one-to-one. Coming to a school near you.

Hello friends,

It’s been a busy week here at Mission Repair, and I’ve been working with several schools to offer Apple MacBook Air and iPad repair services. Did you know that we work heavily with school districts around the country?


On Tuesday, I visited El Dorado High School near Wichita, Kansas and they really have it going on. They stated that since issuing MacBook Air computers to each of their student, the graduation rate skyrocketed and the student involvement has been incredible. While listening to all of the creative possibilities that come from a school filled with Macs I pondered how my world might have been different in High School if I had such an opportunity.

I then took a tour of the El Dorado Middle School and each of their 6th through 8th graders are issued an iPad Mini. They use them daily in their classrooms to learn, study, take notes and take tests. They even take their state assessment tests on their iPads- it’s extremely interesting. They have charging stations and even a full time tech support staff on location. They offset these costs by NOT having to buy physical copies of textbooks for each student; of course the students have their text books on their iPads.

The school district is very proud of their achievements and status being featured as Apple-Centric and cutting edge. The student involvement and teacher interaction (I was able to sit through a class and watch the technology in action) by using the Apple TV in conjunction with the teacher used MacBook Air was seamless.

In a nutshell, I was completely impressed and in awe of the improved statistics regarding the “before” and “after” effects of adding technology to the education process. I knew that I’ve always liked Apple products, but even after my visit this week I have a new found respect for where Steve Jobs took his company.

We are also doing our part to help this education process and the Apple One to One school programs as well. Mission Repair is a proud vendor and repair center to many Apple One to One schools in the country and have been offering repairs and services to Education IT directors for years. We accept school Purchase Orders for our services and meet or exceed the demands of the schools in terms of turn around and price on maintenance. Do you know someone that might be in need of our services? Pass out information along and we’ll take care of them.

Have a great day, Ryan

Is Your Kindle Fire Not Charging?

Hello Kindle Fire Owners –

One of the main problems you will encounter with your Kindle Fire is a damaged charging port. This will cause your once mighty reading device to become useless in a matter of hours. Once that charging port is knocked loose, the countdown to a fully drained battery begins.


Don’t try this at home!

Mission Repair can fix this issue quickly and will get you back to Harry Potter in no time! With our Kindle Fire Charging Port Replacement Service, will remove your old and broken micro USB connector and solder on a brand new port. This will allow you to once again charge your battery and boot your Kindle Fire back to life!

We are experts at this and we have thousands of happy customers that can now use their Kindle Fire without racing against their battery life to finish browsing the net or playing their favorite game! So if you are in need of this incredible and inexpensive service, give us a call or click the above link to get your repair started!

Cheers, Troy

Gooper Dry Bag, Anyone?

Hello M:R Nation –

With summer rapidly approaching, you are most likely thinking about swimming pools, sprinklers and beaches. There is no better way to cool down than one of these three avenues, however they aren’t very iPad or iPhone friendly. This is where “Gooper Dry Bags” comes in handy!


The Gooper Dry Bag is a simple yet, effective solution to a very common issue…water exposure to your sensitive electronic device. How prevalent is this issue? Well, at Mission Repair, we see a 40% increase in liquid damages during the next 3 months. Yes, that’s a staggering number! So what is special about the “Gooper Bag”? Can’t I just use a zip lock bag to protect my belongings? The short answer to that question is NO WAY, and here is why:

Since the bag uses the power of strong neodymium magnets to form the closure, you will never need to check for a seal again – Gooper dry bag will automatically lock itself each time with endless precisionIt is a fumble-free way of sealing and waterproofing and it alleviates the need for a snap-and-lock or a hook & loop system to create an airtight closure. All you do is let go of the opening, and the Gooper strips do all the work.

Here are some other key features of this awesome bag:

 Instant, magnetic, self-sealing closure.

 Lifetime warranty.

 Individually tested.

 IP-X8 certified for continues water submersion.

 Waterproof tested up to 100 feet and more.

 Manipulate touch screens, buttons and switches directly and easily through the bag.

 Phones are fully functional through the bag, allowing for voice and audio without the need for a headphone or audio jack.

 Turn your existing camera into an underwater camera.

 High quality TPU (BPA-free) allows for clear shots.

 Foolproof and fumble-free automatic closure ensures a waterproof seal every time.

 Magnetic closure will not interfere with consumer electronics, credit cards, money cards, hard drives, etc.

Starting today, we are offering two different colors (Lime & Black) for smartphones and tablets. Below you will find direct links to both colors!

Gooper Smartphone Dry Bag (Black)

Gooper Smartphone Dry Bag (Lime)

Gooper Tablet Dry Bag (Lime)

Gooper Tablet Dry Bag (Black)

So M:R Nation, If you are planing on any H2O activities this summer, at least think about using this product to cool off without worrying about the catastrophic effect of liquid damage!

Cheers, Troy