Congratulations Graduates, Savings Inside!

Hello M:R Nation –

Can you believe that it’s already towards the end of May? Didn’t Christmas just end a couple days ago? I guess the old saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really applies for us here at Mission Repair! Seriously, where did the time go? I bet this question is asked many times in the month on May. Summer break is on the horizon, vacation plans are being finalized and students all around are graduating.


Yes, graduation! Whether it’s from grade school to middle school, high school to college or college to… well real life, it’s a great cause for celebration! It’s a time to party it up and look forward to your next great adventure!

While we here at Mission Repair can’t physically be there to party with you, we can offer you (and your parents) a special treat!  If you find yourself in need of a Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop repair and enjoy saving money, you’ll find this treat to be super sweet!  We are giving a 14% off coupon to everyone (even those not graduating) that begins today and lasts through May 31, 2014. 14% off in honor of the class of 2014!! We tried to give everyone 2014% off but our system wouldn’t take it for some reason 😉 USE COUPON CODE “GRADS14” TO RECEIVE YOUR DISCOUNT TODAY!

Cheers, Troy