Hello M:R Nation –

We have made many changes already in 2014 and today, we are happy to announce our newest change!

For years, we have made it a requirement to have shipping insurance on all shipments. Even if our customers didn’t want it. While this was done with the protection of your package in mind, not everyone needs or feels that this requirement is necessary. Since we are all about choice here at Mission Repair, we decided to listen to our customers and finally give you a choice!


You now have this option, right on the Mission Repair website! When you go to add your much needed iPad Mini or iPhone 4S repair to your cart, you will see multiple options, after you choose your inbound and outbound shipment choices, you will see a signature and shipping insurance options. You now have a “NO” and a “YES” choice.  By choosing “NO”, you agree to take responsibility for any damages that your box or device may receive in the transit of your shipment. By choosing “YES”, your shipment will be covered during “transit” which means once it leaves our facility and up to the point before Fedex leaves it on your doorstep. Also, if you are using a Mission Repair provided label to get your broken device to us, you are covered as well by choosing “YES”!

While we have very little issues with packages/devices not making it to their final destinations or damages occurring, you can never be too sure when shipping with any carrier. However, it’s your device and your budget. You should make this decision for yourself, not us.

So with that, please say hello to another change (for the better) here at Mission Repair in 2014!

Cheers, Troy

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