iPhone 5S Screen Repair – Last Day To Save BIG!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are in the final hours of the April “Deal Of The Month” which has produced some very large savings on the iPhone 5S screen repair service. When I say hours, I mean only 16 hours so act fast! Disclaimer: I’m not telling you to go out and drop your iPhone 5S intentionally so you can use our great services, what I mean is, if you already have a cracked screen this is your time to save and save big!


Broken glass? No touch function? Ink blotch looking LCD screen? This repair service will cover all of those issues! This deal is ending today and is good for both the white and black versions of the iPhone 5s! Getting started is as simple as clicking this link: Deal Of The Month! We look forward to seeing your iPhone 5S at one of our facilities very soon!

Cheers, Troy

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