Detour Ahead? No Problem… All Roads Lead To Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Winter is over and that means one thing… ROAD CONSTRUCTION!!! If you are a human being, I’m sure you can attest to the headache that is road work. Of course, while we all know it is for the greater good, it’s still hard to bite our tongue when driving through a congested detour. The word detour is now unfortunately etched into our minds here at Mission Repair until at least mid-July 2014 after receiving this lovely message from the City of Olathe:

EXPECT DELAYS! FULL ROADWAY CLOSURE: Northbound and southbound K-7 will be CLOSED to through traffic between the northbound and southbound I-35 exit ramps for pavement replacement work beginning on Monday, April 28, sometime after morning rush hour, through mid-July 2014. A marked detour will be provided. Traffic will detour via the interchange ramps. Access will be maintained to local businesses throughout the project duration. This portion of the project work is scheduled to be completed in mid-July 2014. (New 4-23-14)

So, after months of bitter coldness, ice and heavy snow, Winter has struck again! All of the salt, sand and snow plowing has finally destroyed that section of road and its time for a face lift! So what does this mean for those that are trying to make their way to our Olathe location? Actually, very little because earlier today I took a trip to the construction zone and formulated a plan for everyone heading this way for a Smartphone, Tablet or Computer repair. This construction will only detour those coming from the North, so if you are visiting us from the south, please proceed as usual!



Although the map is very self-explanatory, let me speak on the finer points. The RED line is where all of the magic is happening. If you have ever driven down this strip of road, you know how awful it really is. The BLUE line is the construction detour. This route will get you to our front door, but please expect a 15 minute delay with the congestion! The GREEN line is the Mission Repair suggested route! This is actually a route that I have taken for years and until now, have kept it all to myself :-). This will place you behind all of the mess and get you to our door very quickly!

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, call (866-638-8402) or email ( us at any time!

Cheers, Troy

The DEAL OF THE MONTH For April Is Almost Over!

Hello M:R Nation –

This is just a quick reminder of the April “Deal Of The Month”! All month long we have been offering our iPhone 5S screen repair services for the low price of $169.00 $149.00! We only have a few more days before this deal goes away!


Do you have broken glass? No touch function? Ink blotch looking LCD screen? This repair service will cover all of those issues! This deal is ongoing through the month of April and is good for both the white and black versions of the iPhone 5s! Getting started is as simple as clicking this link: Deal Of The Month! We look forward to seeing your iPhone 5S at one of our facilities very soon!

Cheers, Troy