Samsung Galaxy GS4 “Mini” Screen Repairs announced!

Hello friends- this is a first for us, and we’re happy to announce that we received our first batch of parts for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone-

Can you guess which one is the "Mini" Version?

Can you guess which one is the “Mini” Version?

Now not only can we repair the full-size Samsung Galaxy S4 – but now we can repair the screen on it’s smaller counterpart, the Galaxy S4 Mini – any color- the blue, white or black. It’s interesting…the Galaxy S4 Mini screen is almost identical in size to the iPhone 5 screen…now I’m sure that was by design to compete with the iPhone 5 without doubt!

We are stocked, locked and loaded (whatever that means!) to repair the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini today! Bottom line is we are servicing the entire Nation from our main headquarters in Olathe, Kansas and if you’re in need we will take care of you.

Take care, Ryan

I think it’s motorcycle riding weather!

Hello friends-

It was a special night last night as we closed up shop – Troy (our Mission Repair General Manager) asked me if I would give him a ride up to the Harley Store in Olathe so he could pick up his new ride!

Here’s Troy in the showroom in front of his beast. I think he was in a little “shock” here…

After ringing the bell and firing up his new hog, we hit the road. For those of you that live in “helmet law” states, please know that Troy is not riding illegally here in Kansas – helmets are not required even though we normally wear them. This pic without the helmet was purely for the “cool” factor!


So with all of the excitement and “new bike smell” one might ask “Ryan, did you buy a new bike last night too?” Just so you know I am a bit impulsive, I do like motorcycles, I do like looking cool…so I did what any other guy like me would do in this situation:

I ran out of the dealership as fast as I possibly could.

It’s a beautiful day outside today here in Kansas City, and we’re staffed and stocked at both of our Mission Repair locations so stop on by for that iPad, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy repair. We’ll take care of you!

Best, Ryan