Tax deadline today – don’t delay! Coupon inside.

Hello friends- I’m having a hard time believing that it’s April 15th already. Not only that it’s tax time (remember to file by today!) but in fact I had a bit of “free” time last night so I went into my my basement to clean a few items up that I have been neglecting. You know, it’s easy to stuff things in the corner and forget about them, so I went through my “pile” to purge and organize. You know what I found? A few Christmas presents that I haven’t even used yet!

How do I use this thing again?

How do I use this thing again?

Now in my defense they are BBQ tools, and we here in Kansas are just getting into BBQ season (it did actually snow here yesterday morning) but for the most part Spring is upon us and things are really starting to get green in the area. I asked my wife for a steak “flipper” which is basically a large rounded “hook” that you pierce a piece of meat with, then can easily flip over on the grill. Yeah, I’ve seen them on cooking shows and figured it was my time to upgrade to this piece of equipment. I also received a BBQ spray bottle which I may fill with Apple juice or other “flavored” liquid to “baste” my creations when cooking. Apple juice is good because a lot of professionals use it to help tenderize ribs and give them their color.

What’s next? Well Easter is just right around the corner and I’m not even sure of our plans yet. We have family near and far that want to spend time with one another so we may just have to compromise and meet in the middle somewhere; but the fact that Easter is less than a week away makes me wonder where the time goes.

So I wanted to remind each of your that before time runs out, we have a 14% off coupon that is running through the end of the day today (4/15/14 at midnight to be exact) to synchronize with the 2014 tax season. Use coupon code “unclesam” on our site to receive the discount off of your order today which is good for new orders only, and cannot be combined with any other coupon. Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of this offer via our newsletter (you should sign up if you have not already do so!) but it’s time to share with the masses on our blog. Place your order today and have that cracked iPad or iPhone repaired asap!

If I don’t talk to you soon, have a great “tax deadline day”, a spectacular Easter and get that BBQ grill cleaned up for the season – I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

Take care, Ryan

The Tradition Continues!

Hello M:R Nation-

A few years back, I made it a goal to attend the “Spring Game” of my beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers every year until my son is old enough to tell me that he no longer wants to go. I think I have a few more years before he becomes too cool for his old man, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. This last weekend, I was able to attend this game and had a great time!


Nebraska Stadium


What is a “Spring Game” you ask? It is a scrimmage that most college programs put on for their fans so we can get a little taste of football before the start of a long summer. While many programs do this, only Nebraska has found a way to make it viral experience on a yearly basis. Last year, it produced this moment: Jack Hoffman TD Run and this year, produced this little gem: Bo Pelini and his cat. This has truly become a tradition at the Harris household and I hope to keep it going for many years to come!

What are some of your traditions M:R Nation? If you care to share, send me your responses to and enjoy 15% off of your next repair order on me!