So I’m trying to watch what I eat…

Hello friends it’s a Saturday morning and I just wanted to share a thought…I don’t normally just blog about random ideas, but this one for some reason this is sticking with me in my quest to lose a few pounds before boating season starts!

While I know that there’s no substitute for exercise – in fact, I think that if I exercised more, I could basically eat anything that I wanted and not worry too much about calorie intake. But I don’t make the time to exercise a lot, so I am doing what I can to watch what I eat. A healthy lifestyle certainly is a balance of diet, exercise and emotional wellness (i.e. low stress) so I’m just going to talk about one for now…diet.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.33.30 AM

I’ve found a little gem that seems to work for me. It’s popcorn.

I sit at my desk for several hours per day which is what it takes to perform my job here at Mission Repair. In fact, I’m here at my office on a Saturday morning attending to a few customer and business issues. I brought myself a bag of popcorn, which I have been steadily munching on when I feel the need.


The popcorn is tasty and is 100% whole grain. I don’t add butter or salt, which would make it taste better, but that goes against the principal of my goal here. In fact, I can clearly remember as a kid going to the drive in movies and my mother would pop us a huge bag of popcorn and she would melt real butter and pour it into the bag, shake the corn and we’d eat it at the show. That couldn’t have been good for us but it was delicious!

So I did a little research today and new studies suggest that a serving of popcorn contains more antioxidants than a day’s worth of fruits and vegetables. Like all antioxidants, polyphenols help protect against cancers, heart diseases, and other illnesses that are caused by free radicals (cells that attack other healthy ones). I like that – it’s natural, fun to eat and healthy for you? I find that it also makes me feel full which then in turn diverts my attention for wanting other food. Another “win” if you’re watching calories.

Ok, I know…it gets stuck in your teeth. This happens to me too- then I’m forced to floss. No biggie – and I’m flossing more. No much to complain about there and my dentist will be proud 😉

Give it a try. Don’t replace your other fruit and veggie snacks with popcorn – but I do think about it instead of reaching for a candy bar.

Have a healthy day – Ryan