HTC One (M7) Screen Repair- it’s a go!

Hello friends and family-

We’ve added several new services lately and I’m going to start by talking about the HTC One M7 glass repair– we’ve had many requests for this service lately, so it seems appropriate to get it out and on the wire fast.

"Call me now." - Customer service extraordinaire, Jake Bayes.

“Call me now.” – Customer service extraordinaire, Jake Bayes.

Winner Of Mobile World Congress’s Best Smartphone Of 2013, the HTC One M7 has a huge following to match it’s enormous screen. It’s a gorgeous phone with a fragile screen…that means disaster for those customers that drop their phone – it’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.

This is where Mission Repair steps in and you can take your failing HTC One M7 to one of our locations for service. Does your device need something other than a screen repair? That’s no problem as we perform full diagnosis and logic board repairs as well!

So remember us if you need help. Give Jake a call; he’s standing by with the rest of our customer service team.

Take care, Ryan