DIY? That Is The Question!

Hello M:R Nation –

This weekend at the Harris household, we had a small DIY project that included paint and new hardware in our bathroom. What started off as a prideful experience, ended up a pretty painful one. Lets start with with the physical pain first. When attempting to remove a wall anchor, a simple task you could say, I brilliantly smashed my thumbnail in the process. How do you smash your thumb nail when removing a wall anchor? Doing it the wrong way, thats how.

Now, lets talk about the blow to my ego. After all paint was applied and hardware was installed, I had one more piece to hang. Keep in mind that It was about 11:30pm, so I was ready for bed by this point. Once I had this last piece hung, I stood back to enjoy my work, but noticed that I had installed it as crooked as I possibly could have! Not a big deal I thought, I felt this could be remedied quite simply. Well, maybe I was a little too confident with my skills by this point and had a false sense of what I was actually capable of… because the next think I knew…


Are you kidding me!

Did I mention, this was the same wall that I smashed my thumb on! What was once a beacon of hope, a sign of triumph, is now just a huge hole in the wall. Furthermore, this hole is so much bigger than any hole I have ever filled, I don’t even know where to start. I wanted a DIY project, I sure got one.

I bring this up because I took a call from a gentleman this morning (Yes, we are open on Sunday) that sounded about as dejected as I am. His DIY project was an iPhone 5 screen repair. He had almost the exact experience as I, but with an iPhone. He sliced his hand trying to open the device and broke the “dang” screen when going to put it back on the iPhone. I was shocked by how familiar his story sounded and I just had to tell him about my experience. In short, we created our owe little support group and hung up the phone a little happier.

So, are you thinking about taking on a DIY smartphone, tablet or laptop repair project? If so that is great! We certainly encourage it as we sell DIY parts online. But let me also caution you. Even some of the most experienced technicians run into a snag from time to time that leaves the device that they are working on in even worse shape than when they started! Because of this, we also offer full service repair services. Thats right, we make the mistakes so you don’t have to. In the case of the gent that I talked to earlier, I set him up with the Phone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) service and he was tickled pink. So if you are now currently debating on whether or not to repair your device yourself, give the above picture a long hard look and make that choice wisely.

Cheers, Troy