That Was A “Soft” Opening?

Hello M:R Nation –

Yesterday marked a historical day for Mission Repair, as we opened our first retail location! A lot had to happen to make this dream a reality. Take a great location with a very ugly “70’s” interior in the downtown area of Mission, Kansas and add a couple months of blood, sweat and tears by our staff and what we received is a VERY nice  second location for all of our friends in the  Kansas City area!

What was supposed to be a nice and slow opening, actually turned into a crazy, high flying, full throttle kind of experience! We really didn’t know what kind of turn out to expect, but let me tell you, we were in no way disappointed! In the first day of being open in our second location, we had the privilege of helping more local customers than ever before between our two stores!

On a side note, another great thing that happened yesterday is someone actually asked me, “what is a soft opening”? For the first time in my life, I was able to use my favorite movie quote of all time IN CONTEXT! Here was my response: “It’s a soft opening, to test the place before the grand opening. It’s kind of like an out-of-town preview, only it’s in town” (Oceans 13). I am still amped up about this! 


While I was unable to be at the “Soft Opening” as much as I would of liked yesterday, I had a great view from our security cams. When looked at the front camera, this is what I saw! Now imagine this, but all day. It was a great reward for a lot of hard work. Better yet, when we see lines like this, we see all of the people we get to help!

So if you are in the Kansas City area and you are having issues with your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Tablet or computer, stop by one of our locations. We would love for you to be the next person that we help! You know have double the reason to no longer deal with broken screen!

I’m off to pay a surprise visit to our Mission location! I will be back to talk about our next big thing shortly…

Cheers, Troy

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