iCracked My iPhone 5 Screen!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you happen to drop your iPhone 5 and crack the screen over the couple of days? Yeah, we know how you feel. Our “Hump Day” here at Mission Repair are full of heart ache from customers that call in or fill our lobby with the exact same issue. Apparently, Monday and Tuesdays are pretty hard on iPhone 5 screens. While the horror stories of how the iPhone was damaged are never usually the same, the result is usually identical, a gigantic crack down the middle of their once beautiful touch screen.

After a visit to our repair center, our customers know that we have their backs. We send them out of our doors with a new confidence… and a new screen!



Our iPhone 5 screen repairs are completed with care by our highly trained technicians, using the best quality parts and working with one goal in mind: Returning a repaired iPhone 5 back to you! What good is this expensive piece of technology if it is not in your hands? We completely understand this and work hard to make sure that we have it fully repaired and back in your hands in no time!

Here are 3 options on how to start living a life, void of cracked glass:

Email Us: Sales@missionrepair.com

Call Us: 866-638-8420

Visit Us: iPhone 5 Repair! 

Any one of one of these 3 choices will all lead to the same destination… a repaired iPhone 5! So whichever one you chose to click on, just know that you are in good hands!

Cheers, Troy

Broken Macbook Air Screen?

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you just answer yes to that question? If so, you have come to the right place! Mission Repair has been the go to repair center for Macbook Air screen repairs for what seems like decades now. We have had a countless success stories that involved folks just like you. “You” meaning an awesome person, that doesn’t care to shell out another $1000 to replace your computer. You have done the research and know that there is an alternative to replacing your whole computer due to your cracked screen.That alternative is us!


“Give these people air” Repairs (sorry for the awful Arnold Schwarzenegger joke)

This repair is actually very tricky. It is not just a matter of uninstalling a whole screen assembly and installing a brand new one. We actually have to build in all the pieces into your already existing back case. It is something that I would definitely not recommend trying on your kitchen table! It takes specialized tools and knowledge to complete the repair successfully.

Thankfully here at Mission Repair, we have both! We have done the R&D to make sure the repairs on theses little guys go off without a hitch every time. If you have a 13″ or 11″, we will professionally repair your Macbook Air and have it back in your hands in no time flat! Ready to get started? Scroll on down and I’ll help you out…

Simply click on your model and year of Macbook Air above. Navigate to the screen repair service. Add that service to your cart and let us take if from there! If you have ant further questions, DO NOT hesitate to contact us (866-638-8402). We want to make sure this process is as simple as possible for you.

Cheers, Troy