Reading? Li-berry. Library?

Good evening friends-

It’s Friday night before the “Spring Forward” weekend and I have one more blog to post. This one’s not about me or Mission Repair – it’s about Mrs. Arter and she’s got something to be proud of.

Dandra has worked with her school’s PTA to chair a very special community service project for three years now. By the way, she is the librarian at an elementary school here in Kansas City. The “competition” is called Hooked on Books and the idea is to rally her school together to gather up as many new and gently used books for children in the KC Metro area as possible. These books will be given to lower income children during wellness check-ups and dental appointments at clinics that partner with the foundation that hosts the competition.

The first two years, although very successful, were pretty uneventful. They managed to win the competition both years, BLOWING AWAY their competitors in the process, and receive some pretty cool rewards. As she watched the service project unfold I found that their school was really coming together in a way that she hadn’t felt before. Consequently, she had a lot of pride in what they did regardless of the accolades. She just felt like that her kids understood that, despite their young age, were making a difference for others.

This year they won again. . .and they’ve received a lot of press for their efforts!! A week and a half ago she and her 15 student volunteers, the ones that helped her count their loot. . .all 6,574 books, were featured on both a live news segment and a pre-taped segment on television. She said it was an amazing experience!! She got to check-out the news van and see themselves on the camera, we were interviewed by a real-life news reporter, and then they got to see the segments at home with their families as they showed the spots multiple times throughout the days newscasts!

News Van

After all of that good fortune, their district PR team created a write-up published on their district webpage to share the exciting news with all of their stakeholders. You can read that story by clicking on this link: Lastly, Dandra and her principal were invited to the foundation’s annual “Green Eggs and Ham” breakfast at the acclaimed Country Club Plaza in Kansas City this morning. As 2014 HOB winners, they were honored in front of 100+ guests as they received part of their award. . .a $500 check to purchase new books for her library! It was a Dr. Seuss themed event as you can tell from the pictures! That’s Dandra on the right below…


This particular project has consumed the last two months of her life. Between the preparation of information for her student families, plugging the book collection during library visits, coordinating volunteers, counting books almost daily after school for five weeks (with VERY excited kids), and then preparing for all of this great press, she’s exhausted! But even more so, she is filled with pride, she’s been inspired by her students, and she can drive home tonight feeling very grateful for the good fortune she has in her life including a wonderful job that she truly enjoys.

This community service project has just meant so much to her for so many years, I had to take the time to share the excitement with all of my blog readers. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most – and knowing Dandra has made me a better person.

With all of that being said; we here at Mission Repair will continue to collect books for the Hooked on Books program (donate here if you’d like), as well as honor and participate in many community service programs. You will find a Harvesters donation barrel in our customer waiting area, and if you bring in a canned item to donate, we will match it.

Have a wonderful evening, and a great weekend. I’ll be back with more business related topics soon.

Sincerely, Ryan